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Curiousity. Creativity. Joy.

Hi! My name is Taylor Ann, and I am a chef, recipe developer, and food lover based out of New York City. 

I am a passionate lover of all foods-- vegetable, animal, and mineral-- and I seek to create a harmonious balance with it in my life. I am curious, always interested in trying new techniques and tasting new flavors, even if the dishes don’t “turn out” or I don’t care for a particular food after all. I refuse to label any ingredient as good or bad—they are what they are, to be enjoyed to the fullest at their own time and place. Much of my own personal fulfillment comes from the process of working with ingredients to create a finished dish that I can share with others, and helping others to do the same.

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My Personal Food Manifesto

As my family will definitely tell you, I have never been short of opinions on food. And like many of us, my personal relationship with it has morphed and grown, ranging from fascination to disgust to love and enjoyment.


I understand that everyone's perspective and journey with food is complex and ever-changing, and I don't presume to set any rules or principles for others, but I have developed a set of beliefs around food and cooking that I live by and am happy to share with others: 

  • Eating should be joyful and celebratory, an act to savor without judgment.

  • Embracing all food in moderation allows us to maintain a healthy relationship with it.

  • When we actively participate in creating our food, we gain even more nourishment from the process.

  • The vast array of cooking techniques and ingredients in the world offers us endless opportunity for learning and discovery.

  • Everyone has a unique food perspective and should be affirmed for following whatever eating style works for them.

Get in Touch!

One of my favorite things about the working in food is collaborating with others! If you'd like to connect with me, shoot me an email or a DM on instagram!

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